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Special Education PTO

What is SEPTO?

SEPTO is our district-wide Special Education Parent Teacher Organization. SEPTO meets to share relevant information and offer support to those who are involved with children with special needs.

If your Child.....

  • has an IEP or a 504 plan, or

  • is in a special education class, or

  • gets "building level services" such as speech, OT, PT, "lunch bunch," or RTI, or

  • has ever needed the help of a school psychologist or social worker, or

  • has severe allergies or other medical condition, or

  • has to or has ever had to miss extended class time due to an injury or illness,

THEN SEPTO CAN HELP YOU!  Please visit our SEPTO's website to learn more about this hard working PTO that advocates for our very own Meadow Pond families at



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2018-2019 PTA Budget


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PTA Committees Information

The PTA president and executive officers should never do it all! PTA committees are a vital part of Meadow Pond PTA and a great way to share the work and develop new leadership. A definite purpose has been established for each committee as they plan and promote the activities of MP PTA. Each committee chairperson is responsible for the activities of their committee including planning, communication, receiving board approval (when necessary) and follow through. Many thanks to our hard-working MP PTA chairpeople who get it all done!


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