Want to be a part of the PTA's Executive Team 2019-2020?

Please complete the attached and submit it via backpack mail. Good luck and thank you for giving your time to our school and our children.

Being part of our  PTA Executive Committee  can be a rewarding experience!
Every year all seats are up for re-election on the PTA executive committee.  This year we will have 2 vacant seats at the end of the 2018/2019 school year. Although every seat is up for re-election, those seats that will be vacant are the Vice President 1 and Vice President 2.  

If you are interested in joining the executive committee for the 2019-2020 school year please contact Lina Haimelin (lhaimelin@gmail.com ), Geri Dragone (gcpennella@aol.com ) and/or Veronica Skrelja (veroskrelja@gmail.com)  with any questions.  

The nominating committee will present the slate for the board at the PTA meeting on May 14th. Click here for nominations forms. 

Nominating Committee is a Meadow Pond PTA Committee